Lancia Thema dimensions

Latest model: Lancia Thema (2012)
Length: 199.4 (in) = 5066 (mm)
Width: 74.9 (in) = 1902 (mm)
Height: 58.6 (in) = 1488 (mm)

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Lancia Thema details:

The new Lancia Thema and Voyager are making their debuts. These are the first two models emerging from the alliance between Lancia and Chrysler, which by now have become a single identity founded on the same will to excel in the future and on the values engraved in their respective century-old histories: layout and innovation.

Therefore, this is a significant moment in the history of two brands that have written some of the most hight-priority pages in international auto history. This is why a place full of charm was chosen to present the two vehicles to the international media: Piazza Carignano in Turin, where the monumental Palazzo Carignano stands. It is the bench of the first Italian parliament and symbol of the Italian unification born 150 years ago. The adventure of a new auto dynasty embodying the best of two industrial cultures today is starting off from the same temple of Italian unification. The exuberant style, flair for delivering a stress-free experience and functionality all associated with the Chrysler make are coupled with the Italian taste, innovation and technological efficiency and attention to the tiniest details that have always distinguished Lancia.

Today as always, the same desire to provide a true alternative in the respective sphere segments is at the heart of the two new models. With a heritage of values in its DNA, Lancia appears to be favoured over other brands for its ability to interpret this new world of exclusiveness and to meet the needs of a buyer more attentive to technology, who demands not only a substantial offering, but also a distinctive and original style. Besides, whoever chooses a Lancia car starts a new trend because he follows only his own personality. The new Lancia Thema and Voyager, statements of a concrete value Lancia is introducing to the sphere for the first time, have been created for this buyer. This value is not meant as innovation into itself, but as technology at the service of driver and passengers, provided at an accessible price tag and above all no-cost from excess and what is superfluous.

Lancia Thema coloring