Lancia Voyager dimensions

Latest model: Lancia Voyager (2012)
Length: 205.4 (in) = 5218 (mm)
Width: 78.7 (in) = 1998 (mm)
Height: 68.9 (in) = 1750 (mm)

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Lancia Voyager details:

When the Lancia Voyager is used each day, it turns the concept of a easy means of transport into an exhilarating travel experience. That is because a great trip is not just leaving and arriving, but is instead a continuous string of emotions. A promise that the new model keeps even before getting into it due to an look style that transmits protection and charm from the very first glance.

Here then is a make new front end featuring the grille emblazoned with the Lancia logo, wraparound front and back bumpers, back light clusters with LED light technology, and big headlights with inbuilt fog lights in the front bumper. The layout is up-to-date and finely wrought. The side view provides the classic wheel arch layout, while the slim cornerstones coupled with big windows guarantee impressive visibility. The vehicle is equipped with rails and crossbars on the roof while the tailgate has been refactored with a modern, functional exterior in order to optimise access to the dashboard.

The benchmark in the segment of big Mpvs, the Lancia Voyager is 5. 21 metres long, 1. 99 m wide, 1. 75 m high on a wheelbase of approx. 1 metres. This cool size is matched by a roomy, refined passenger compartment in line with Lancia's best tradition, which is distinguished by attention to details and the use of soft materials of superior class. And it is precisely when the new model welcomes guests that it is at its best.

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