Land Rover 90 dimensions

Latest model: Land Rover 90 Hard Top (2007)
Length: 153.3 (in) = 3894 (mm)
Width: 70.5 (in) = 1790 (mm)
Height: 77.5 (in) = 1968 (mm)

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Land Rover 90 details:

Defender 90 Hard of TORAS (Defender 90 Khard Top) is vnedorozhnik with a wheel-base 90 inches. This pikap has 2 landings places in a salon. Defender 90 Khard Top is not replaceable, if you need to transport bulky things. Defender 90 Hard of TORAS is able to tow the load of dl 3,500 kg.

Defender is the most reliable and «hardy» model of Land Rover. This car, making debut in 1948, differs of genius simplicity and reliability of construction, becoming in truth legendary.

Defender can be considered the result of purposeful evolution and embodiment of technical principles which provided the revolutionary level of his descriptions during almost sixty years. In Defender 2007 years these engineerings principles were complemented the newest power aggregate and restaylingom baskets.

Land Rover 90 coloring