Lincoln Aviator dimensions

Latest model: Lincoln Aviator SUV (2005)
Length: 193.3 (in) = 4910 (mm)
Width: 73.9 (in) = 1877 (mm)
Height: 71.9 (in) = 1826 (mm)

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Lincoln Aviator details:

A surprisingly enjoyable luxury sport-ute that takes all that's right about the Navigation system and applies it to a smaller, more manageable suite. Lincoln Aviator SUV offers the following pros: Impressive performance from the traditional V8, sharp handling dynamics for an SUV, stylish and feature-laden dashboard that's doesn't sacrifice utility. Lincoln Aviator SUV drawbacks are: Dashboard lacks the rock solid create class of equivalently priced luxury Suvs, motor noise intrusive at high rpm.
Lincoln Aviator coloring