Lotus Elise dimensions

Latest model: Lotus Elise Convertible (2011)
Length: 149 (in) = 3785 (mm)
Width: 67.7 (in) = 1719 (mm)
Height: 44 (in) = 1117 (mm)

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Lotus Elise details:

The face-lifted 2011 Lotus Elise provides incredible handling and overall performance without breaking the bank. Just don't expect too much in the way of convenience and comfort. Lotus Elise Convertible offers the following pros: Super-sharp handling; telepathic steering; relatively modest price; relatively good fuel efficiency. Lotus Elise Convertible drawbacks are: Spartan dashboard with little space; difficult entry and exit; peaky performance delivery; rough ride quality; limited dealer network.

The 2011 Lotus Elise is a two-seat roadster that is provided in two main versions. The base Lotus Elise comes traditional with alloy wheels (16-inch up front, 17-inch in the rear), removable targa-style hard and soft tops, high-performance tires, air-conditioning, performance windows and locks, a leather-trimmed Momo helm, leather upholstery and trim, a trip computer and a four-speaker Alpine audio system with a CD player and an Ipod interface.

The Lotus Elise SC adds a supercharger, back spoiler and original wheels. However, it lacks the base model's leather seats, Ipod interface and extra audio deadening; these can be added rear with the Touring Pack. The hardtop is also auxillary.

A Sport suite is available for either Lotus Elise and adds original wheels, traction control (already traditional on the base Lotus Elise), Bilstein dampers and sport seatings. Stand-alone features include paint protection film, black-painted wheels and diffuser, a limited-slip differential and a selection of limited and lifestyle paint colours.

A special Roger Becker Edition Lotus Elise debuts for 2011, honoring the recently retired head of Lotus car engineering. This model contains the Touring and Sport packages, along with the limited-slip differential. It will only be provided in a handful of colours with a black leather dashboard. .

Lotus Elise coloring