Lotus Esprit V8 dimensions

Latest model: Lotus Esprit V8 (2002)
Length: 172 (in) = 4369 (mm)
Width: 74.1 (in) = 1883 (mm)
Height: 45.3 (in) = 1150 (mm)

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Lotus Esprit V8 details:

The Lotus Esprit V8 used Lotus' self designed type 918 3. 5 L twin turbo motor, in front of the same Renault transmission as before. Derek Bell designed an uprated gearbox that overcomes a lot of the gearbox problems with a much thicker single piece input shaft Performance was up to 355 bhp (265 Kw), however the capability of the 918 motor was limited by the fragility of the Renault transmission. Zero to sixty miles per hour came in under 5 seconds. Some examples of the motor are noted however to suffer from a leaking cylinder liner problem.

Alongside V8 models was manufactured the GT3, a turbocharged 4 cylinder vehicle with a 2. 0L chargecooled, turbocharged motor as used in Italian sphere vehicles previously.

In 1998 the V8 range was split into SE and GT specifications, both vehicles with a much changed dashboard customization, both product alike performance with the SE being the more premium of the two.

Lotus Esprit V8 coloring