Lotus Evora dimensions

Latest model: Lotus Evora Coupe (2011)
Length: 170.9 (in) = 4341 (mm)
Width: 72.8 (in) = 1849 (mm)
Height: 48.1 (in) = 1222 (mm)

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Lotus Evora details:

The 2011 Lotus Evora is the world's only four-seat midengine sports vehicle. Super-sharp handling and cool acceleration are the order of the day, but the catch is that the back seating is essentially there for decoration. Lotus Evora Coupe offers the following pros: Racetrack-oriented design; razor-sharp handling; good fuel efficiency. Lotus Evora Coupe drawbacks are: Miniscule back seats; sacrifices to convenience for performance; limited back visibility.

The 2011 Lotus Evora is a four-seat sports vehicle that is provided in base and Lotus Evora S versions.

Traditional equipment contains cast-aluminum wheels, bi-xenon headlights, heated look mirrors, air-conditioning, leather-upholstered front seatings, cloth-upholstered back seatings, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, performance windows, a leather-wrapped gearshift knob and handbrake, a trip computer and a CD/MP3 player with Ipod integration and optional stereo slot.

There are three main feature groups available. The Luxury suite adds accent lighting, a center armrest, heated front seatings, luxury floor mats and leather trim throughout the cab. The Sport suite features selectable sport modes, improved throttle response, a higher rpm limit, a back underbody diffuser, titanium exhaust tips and cross-drilled brake rotors with black-painted calipers. The Technology suite contains cruise control, back parking sensors, Bluetooth and an updated audio with DVD playback, a 7-inch touchscreen screen, navigation and a USB port. A Suedetex feature adds faux suede dashboard trim components.

Stand-alone features include a sports ratio gearbox, a rearview camera, power-folding mirrors, different wheel features, clear paint protection film and a luxury stereo system. Consumers can also opt to delete the back seatings in favor of a back parcel space.

The Lotus Evora S deserves more performance due to its supercharged motor, and the powertrain also features an exhaust bypass valve that opens in Sport mode, a heavy-duty clutch and a close-ratio transmission. Also included are all the items from the Sport suite along with a sportier suspension tune and a more aggressive back aero diffuser. .

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