Maserati GS Zagato dimensions

Latest model: Maserati GS Zagato (2007)
Length: 169.4 (in) = 4303 (mm)
Width: 71.7 (in) = 1822 (mm)
Height: 51.4 (in) = 1305 (mm)

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Maserati GS Zagato details:

The Maserati GS Zagato, like its celebrated ancestor, has all-aluminium bodywork and bears the Trident on the bonnet and the Z on the wing, expressing eternal Italian excellence in its shape and its content. A winning mix that matches comprehensive and robust mechanics, with an elegant and and sports style, both rigorously Made in Italy.

For purists of the compact coupé, afficionados of the Milano-based make, it is a two-volume, two-seater, hatchback with a streamlined profile and a neat tail. The wheelbase is 180mm shorter, a spin-off from the Spyder, offers impressive handling and stability on curves, with extraordinary torsional rigidity.

In homage to the tradition of the gentlemen drivers who asked Zagato to transform the bodywork of their vehicles, modern collectors select mechanics at the top level of technical evolution and 'dress' them in tailor-made garments that increase in value as time passes.

Maserati GS Zagato coloring