Maybach Xenatec dimensions

Latest model: Maybach Xenatec Coupe (2010)
Length: 225.5 (in) = 5728 (mm)
Width: 78 (in) = 1980 (mm)
Height: 60.8 (in) = 1544 (mm)

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Maybach Xenatec details:

Xenatec is pleased to announce the release of the Maybach Xenatec Coupé built by the Karosserie Manufaktur Weinsberg - a division of Maybach Xenatec Group - in cooperation with Maybach.

Created in 2002, the Maybach is undoubtedly one of the finest vehicles ever built. A comprehensive mix of state of the art technology, superior driving performance and opulent use of the finest materials places the Maybach in a league of its own.

Based upon the Maybach 57S limousine, this dynamic interpretation of driver-oriented luxury sets new standards in terms of exclusivity - a very limited number of the Maybach Xenatec Coupé will be built by hand in Germany for discerning clients worldwide, and will be provided at an ex-works price tag of € 675000, excluding taxes.

Maybach Xenatec coloring