Mazda 323 dimensions

Latest model: Mazda 323 (2000)
Length: 167.1 (in) = 4245 (mm)
Width: 67.3 (in) = 1710 (mm)
Height: 53.3 (in) = 1355 (mm)

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Mazda 323 details:

The Mazda 323/323F series is provided in two distinctive body styles : 5-door hatchback and 4-door sedan. Every body type seats five people in convenience and carries a big volume of luggage in its versatile compartment.

All Mazda 323/323F models are front-wheel-drive vehicles with transversely mounted performance trains and all-independent suspension. The two body types are built on a new platform with a long wheelbase of 2610, mm. They also share wider tracks of 1470, mm in both front and back.

The Mazda 323/323f's architecture is all new. The Mazda 323F 5-door hatchback is 4200, mm long, 1705, mm wide and 1410, mm tall (1420, mm: w/roof antenna); 40 mm short& and 65 mm taller than its predecessor. Passenger accommodation and luggage carrying capacity have been greatly increased. The back bench hip-point is raised by 53 mm (89 mm: w/sliding back seat), making for easier entry/exit as well as providing the passengers with a more expansive view of the outside world. The Mazda 323 4-door sedan is 4315-mm, long, 20 mm shorter than its predecessor, for enhanced maneuverability. Yet, its passenger room and luggage-carrying ability match that of its class-leading predecessor.

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