Mazda MPV dimensions

Latest model: Mazda5 MPV (2010)
Length: 180.5 (in) = 4585 (mm)
Width: 68.9 (in) = 1750 (mm)
Height: 63.8 (in) = 1620 (mm)

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Mazda MPV details:

The previous Mazda5 was a handsome, if discreet, Mazda MPV with easy and clean lines. This model evolves that exterior, but adds a dashboard of personality due to a wave-like crease down the side of the vehicle. All current Mazda’s take their layout inspiration from wind and water the Mazda5’s side indicator is meant to exterior like a smooth pebble. The grille and headlights are alike to those seen on the Mazda3 and the back lights are now Horizontal
Mazda MPV coloring