Mazda Premacy dimensions

Latest model: Mazda Premacy (2008)
Length: 179.7 (in) = 4565 (mm)
Width: 68.7 (in) = 1745 (mm)
Height: 63.8 (in) = 1620 (mm)

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Mazda Premacy details:

HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation today delivered a Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid to Iwatani Corporation, an energy development company based in Japan. The Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid is Mazda’s latest hydrogen rotary engine (RE) vehicle which uses hydrogen as a fuel and features a unique hybrid system.

The delivery marks the fifth Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid to be leased by Mazda, and the second to be provided to Iwatani Corporation. The first model was delivered to Iwatani Corporation in May 2009. The new vehicle will be mainly used for business purposes and will be based at the Kitakyushu Hydrogen Station. It is the first hydrogen rotary engine vehicle to be leased in Kyushu, the most southwesterly of Japan’s four main islands.

Mazda Premacy coloring