Mercury Mariner dimensions

Latest model: Mercury Mariner SUV (2011)
Length: 175.2 (in) = 4450 (mm)
Width: 71.1 (in) = 1806 (mm)
Height: 68 (in) = 1727 (mm)

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Mercury Mariner details:

Though the 2011 Mercury Mariner has some desirable attributes, particularly in the technology arena, there are still better choices overall. Mercury Mariner SUV offers the following pros: Cool roster of innovative goodies; adequate performance and fuel efficiency; impressive crash test scores. Mercury Mariner SUV drawbacks are: Non-reclining back bench is difficult to fold; poor braking performance; forgettable driving experience.

The 2011 Mercury Mariner compact SUV is available in four versions: base I4, base V6, Premier I4 and Premier V6. As you'd expect, I4 and V6 models have various engines under the hood -- no other features distinguish these models from one another.

The base models come traditional with 16-inch alloy wheels, foglights, privacy glass, full performance accessories, air-conditioning, steering-wheel-mounted stereo controls and a four-speaker CD audio with an optional stereo slot and radio. The Premier models add back parking sensors, ambient dashboard lighting, heated front seatings, leather upholstery (microfiber suede inserts are a no-cost option), a performance driver bench, a six-speaker audio, Sync and an auto-dimming rearview mirror.

Features for base models include a roof rack, a moonroof, Sync, leather upholstery (with heated front seats), a performance driver bench and ambient dashboard lighting. Available on Premier models are a Chrome Look suite (with the grille, 17-inch wheels and roof rails covered in the shiny stuff), side step bars, 17-inch wheels, a back-up camera, dual-zone automatic conditioning, the Auto Park system (new technology from Ford steers the vehicle automatically while parallel parking), full microfiber-suede upholstery, a sunroof, an updated seven-speaker audio system and a hard-drive-based navigator (with audio cargo, HD radio, Sirius Travel Link and real-time traffic).


Mercury Mariner coloring