Mitsubishi L200 dimensions

Latest model: Mitsubishi L200 Double Cab (2007)
Length: 196.9 (in) = 5000 (mm)
Width: 70.9 (in) = 1800 (mm)
Height: 70.1 (in) = 1780 (mm)

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Mitsubishi L200 details:

L200 belongs to the line of authentic 4x4s that established the Mitsubishi Motors name in Europe. It is no surprise then that it owes much of its layout inspiration to the most stunning of all, the 2002 Pajero Evo 2+2 concept / Pajero Evolution racer.

Typical of Mitsubishi Motors layout strategy, this approach already gave birth to New Colt (from the 2001 CZ2 concept), to Grandis (from both the 2001 CZ3 Tarmac and Room Liner concepts) or to i (from the 2003 i concept), as it will lead to an all-new 2007 C-segment sedan (from the 2005 Concept-sportback).

Highly acclaimed both at motor shows and in the desert, Pajero Evo remains a powerfully, coherent and honest layout statement. As such, it offers the new Mitsubishi L200 with a long-lasting and genuine identity, true to its roots and devoid of any layout trick.

Mitsubishi L200 coloring