Nissan Lafesta dimensions

Latest model: Nissan Lafesta (2005)
Length: 178.3 (in) = 4530 (mm)
Width: 66.7 (in) = 1695 (mm)
Height: 63 (in) = 1600 (mm)

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Nissan Lafesta details:

Lafesta replaced the model of Liberty. The car is designed on a new global platform GP2 alliance Renault-Nissan. On the domestic Japanese market, sales have started in December 2004. Minivan was elegant sleek lines and the relatively small size. Like its predecessor, Nissan Lafesta is equipped with sliding rear doors, making it easier to land on the second and third rows of seats. In the last row is comfortable except for children, but the average number of offers maximum convenience. The main advantage of the second row of seats is that they have a low approach and, therefore, they sit nice and easy to leave to get out of the car.

Visibility at the highest level. All of its extreme points at a glance. The distance to the front edge of the field of view (ie the distance from the front seat to the nearest visible from this point of the incoming chair of the roadway) is 6.0 meters. Special areas in the body structure enhance the safety car a few times, which gives the right Lafesta called one of the safest minivans in the world.

Security increases as active head restraints, dual air bags deploy, protivooslepitelnoe mirror and color monitor rearview (options), which displays information about the distance between objects and the width of the rear of the vehicle moving. In Lafesta everything is made for young passengers - child seat is installed on the left side on the second row of seats. Folding the front passenger seat, the driver has the ability to easily reach the child. The interior has many pockets and shelves for small items, cup holders and cards.

Nissan Lafesta coloring