Nissan Note dimensions

Latest model: Nissan Note hatchback (2006)
Length: 161.4 (in) = 4100 (mm)
Width: 66.5 (in) = 1690 (mm)
Height: 61 (in) = 1550 (mm)

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Nissan Note details:

Nissan Note has everything you need to make your family life vividly. Roomy practical interior, good dynamics and a modern, energetic design. Now there is no need to compromise.

Athletic and energetic appearance gives the family car of the original features. Spacious interior, Nissan Note, and high-quality interior finishing details give a sense of comfort and freedom.

The dynamic profile of Nissan Nout with a curved roof line stands out from other cars. But it's more than just a stylistic decision - unusual design significantly increases the amount of storage space.

Nissan Note coloring