Opel Speedster dimensions

Latest model: Opel Speedster Turbo (2003)
Length: 149.1 (in) = 3786 (mm)
Width: 67.2 (in) = 1708 (mm)
Height: 44 (in) = 1117 (mm)

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Opel Speedster details:

Opel Speedster Turbo is a roadster with 2 seats, rear wheel drive (RWD) and 2 doors. This model is presented in 2003. The measurements of the automobile are as follows: height - 1117.00 mm, length - 3785.00 mm, width - 1708.00 mm. Moreover, this model's rear track is 1487.00 mm, its front track is 1450.00 mm and its wheelbase is 2331.00 mm. 1004 kg is its curb weight. Opel Speedster Turbo has a turbocharged, 4-cylinder engine with 4 valves per cylinder, double overhead camshaft (DOHC) and engine displacement of 1998 cc.

It is set in the middle of the vehicle and has a transverse alignment. The cylinders inside are inline-arranged. The length of the piston stroke is 86.00 mm and the diameter of the cylinders is 86.00 mm . The compression ratio of the pistons is 8.80:1. The engine's maximum power and maximum torque are 146 kW / 200 ps at 5500 rpm and 250 Nm at 1950 rpm respectively. The model's fuel system is electronic fuel injection (EFI). The oiling system of the engine is wet sump. The vehicle accelerates for 4.90 s from 0 to 60 mph and for 12.60 s - from 0 to 100 mph. This model has a frontal area of 1.6000 m2, its drag coefficient is 0.41 and the drag area is 0.6560 m2. The Opel Speedster Turbo has a 5-speed manual transmission. The top gear ratio is 0.79:1. 3.95:1 is its final drive ratio. This automobile has an urban fuel consumption of 11.86 l/100 km, combined of 8.48 l/100 km and extra urban fuel consumption of 6.46 l/100 km.

The fuel tank has a volume of 36.00 l. The CO2 emission rating is 202 g/km. The vehicle's steering box is rack and pinion type. The number of complete rotations made by the steering wheel from one extreme position to another is 2.8. The rear suspension includes coil springs, double wishbones, independent and the front suspension - coil springs, double wishbones, independent. This automobile has a turning circle of 11.60 m. The size of the front wheels is 5.5J x 17. The rear wheels size is 7.5J x 17. The type/size of the front tyres is 175/55 R 17. The size/type of tyres in the rear is 225/45 R 17. The front brakes have with ventilated disks. The rear brakes are equipped with ventilated disks, servo assistance, anti-lock braking system (ABS). The diameter of the front brakes is 288.00 mm and the one of the rear brakes is 288.00 mm.

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