Peugeot 807 dimensions

Latest model: Peugeot 807 (2001)
Length: 186.1 (in) = 4727 (mm)
Width: 73 (in) = 1854 (mm)
Height: 69 (in) = 1752 (mm)

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Peugeot 807 details:

Peugeot 807 - this is truly a multi-purpose smart box that promises to turn your trip into a pleasant walk. Peugeot 807 combines technology and creativity. A brand new box with two hinged doors in front and two rear sliding doors. Stylistic solution has been developed by Peugeot in accordance with its own aesthetic principles, in particular with the idea of ​​cat's grace, which creates an impression of dynamism.

Aluminum roof and "a lever" door mirrors, which are installed side direction indicators, indicate at various levels, the innovative technical solution, the model 807. The interior space, carried out in a simple and elegant, modern style, can accommodate up to seven seats, with the same stylistic characteristics. Peugeot 807 saloon is particularly notable for his "arc of the instrument," which, together with a large athermal windscreen, creates a sense of space and light. The attraction is enhanced by a transparent interior instrument panel with three green spheres, illuminated with the effect of shadow theater.

Exceptional modular interior space, allowing a variety of configurations that are easily implemented thanks to the internal decision-thought-out and design (patented), the kinematics of the seats. Transportation groups or bulky items, and mixed configurations in the presence or absence of the seats in the cabin make Peugeot 807 car, in which "everything is possible."

Peugeot 807 coloring