Peugeot 908 dimensions

Latest model: Peugeot 908 V12 HDi DPFS (2007)
Length: 182.7 (in) = 4640 (mm)
Width: 78.7 (in) = 2000 (mm)
Height: 40.6 (in) = 1030 (mm)

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Peugeot 908 details:

June 14, 2005, Peugeot announced their decision to accept a new technological challenge: to win one of the most prestigious world races and the most demanding, am le Mans 12-0 with a vehicle powered by an engine of diesel HDi particle filter diesel (CFO).

This legendary race, which attracts more than 200,000 spectators, will offer the opportunity to fully express the values enshrined in his Peugeot philosophy: excellence, demonstrated by the choice of resistance and reliability, dynamism, a challenge to the team performance, looks, illustrated by feline profile of the car and finally the innovation, including through the use of technology designed to protect the environment.

The car showing the colors of 12-0 am Peugeot in the Le Mans and the Le Mans Series in 2007 will be the Peugeot 908. The choice of the number is “90″, which refers to a model of Peugeot 8: 0 pm next in order after number 907 concept car. The choice of the body is a closed, modifications of the regulations of the Automobile Club of Western, it was announced on June 16, 2006. In addition, there was also a desire to maintain a link with the double 12: 0 am Le Mans winner in 1992 and 1993, Peugeot 905.

Although from a technical point of view, this solution presents a series of disadvantages (weight, height of Center of gravity, operational problems), Peugeot Sport team discovered that it also offers advantages in terms of rigidity of the chassis and aerodynamics.

Peugeot 908 coloring