Peugeot Boxer dimensions

Latest model: Peugeot Boxer Combi (2012)
Length: 195.4 (in) = 4963 (mm)
Width: 80.7 (in) = 2050 (mm)
Height: 88.7 (in) = 2254 (mm)

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Peugeot Boxer details:

The passenger car version of the Peugeot Boxer at the same time combines the advantages of a van and cargo van. Peugeot Boxer Combi can be used equally efficiently, both for passengers and for the delivery of shipments. Regardless of the application, the future owner will appreciate that the van comes with a different roof heights (H1, H2), and different body lengths (L1, L2). This feature also enjoy and passengers - features a comfortable fit can be combined with an impressive amount of cargo transport

If you look at the side of the Peugeot Boxer, one can see that a spacious and roomy cabin is slightly shifted forward and the engine compartment is very small.

Everything is explained simply - the engine is placed across the body and the drive is on the front axle, so the engine compartment is very compact. While maintaining excellent access to the hood space to service units. There are no driveshaft and all constructive "cons", typical of rear-wheel drive.

Peugeot Boxer coloring