Pontiac Firebird dimensions

Latest model: Pontiac Firebird Convertible (2002)
Length: 193.3 (in) = 4910 (mm)
Width: 74.4 (in) = 1890 (mm)
Height: 51.2 (in) = 1300 (mm)

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Pontiac Firebird details:

Although were not thrilled by the affordable plastic dashboard and poor visibility, the Pontiac Firebird never fails to serve up a lot of of affordable, tire-smokin' fun. May it rest in peace. Pontiac Firebird Convertible offers the following pros: Comprehensive V6, spectacular V8, true muscle-car performance at a bargain price tag. Pontiac Firebird Convertible drawbacks are: Boy-racer-in-gold-chains picture, cheesy dashboard plastic, V8 nets sky-high insurance rates.
Pontiac Firebird coloring