Pontiac Montana dimensions

Latest model: Pontiac Montana SV6 Minivan (2006)
Length: 205.6 (in) = 5222 (mm)
Width: 72 (in) = 1829 (mm)
Height: 72 (in) = 1829 (mm)

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Pontiac Montana details:

The Pontiac Montana SV6 van comes in one size and trim level. Traditional equipment contains climate control, an eight-speaker audio system with a CD/MP3 player, a rear-seat DVD entertainment system, the Onstar communications system, cruise control, keyless entry and performance windows, mirrors and locks. An update feature suite contains a passenger-side power-sliding door, a performance driver bench, a sport suspension, back climate control, alloy wheels and add-on dashboard cargo. An all-wheel-drive system is available, and contains an automatic load-leveling back suspension and an inflator kit. An auxillary Phatnoise mobile digital media system enables owners to shop thousands of Mp3s and/or several dozen movies. Other noteworthy features include dual power-sliding side doors, leather seats, a 115-volt A/C outlet, trip computer, back parking assist, heated seatings and a remote car starting system. A sport suite, featuring the 3. 9-liter V6, 17-inch chrome alloys, motor cooler and sport badging is auxillary. The SV6 is also one of the few minivans to provide factory-installed mobility features, including a lowered floor and a sit-and-lift second-row bench. .
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