Pontiac Sunfire dimensions

Latest model: Pontiac Sunfire Coupe (2005)
Length: 182 (in) = 4623 (mm)
Width: 68.4 (in) = 1737 (mm)
Height: 53 (in) = 1346 (mm)

Compare Pontiac Sunfire dimensions to: Chevrolet Cavalier, Pontiac Grand Am, Ford Focus

Pontiac Sunfire details:

Despite a peppy motor and a few neat features, this decade-old economy coupe is outclassed by newer rivals. Pontiac Sunfire Coupe offers the following pros: Low price tag, torquey four-cylinder motor, auxillary radio and Onstar. Pontiac Sunfire Coupe drawbacks are: Overall layout showing its age, low resale value, poor side-impact and front-offset crash test results.
Pontiac Sunfire coloring