Renault Espace dimensions

Latest model: Renault Espace MPV (2003)
Length: 191.4 (in) = 4861 (mm)
Width: 82.8 (in) = 2104 (mm)
Height: 68.7 (in) = 1746 (mm)

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Renault Espace details:

Renault was the first European company to create a multi-purpose car (MPV), and the Renault Espace has always been one of the sleekest, most appealing Mpvs on the sphere. The current model is getting old now, as it arrived in 2003, but it still looks great as these aren't the most common vehicles on the roads. The sharply sloping nose gives the Renault Espace presence, while details like the back spoiler, high-mounted tail lamps and the privacy glass make it exterior thoroughly contemporary.

With something the size and shape of the Renault Espace, it's hard not to have a certain amount of practicality. If it's carrying room that's needed, the Renault Espace provides a lot of of it, as long as the occupants don't mind taking all the seatings out and they do have to be removed altogether. Leave them all in and the boot can accommodate just 291 litres, but remove them all and load bay room jumps to 2860, litres. Of course there are all sorts of configurations in between, and it's this flexibility that makes the Renault Espace so practical. However, the Renault Espace doesn't have enough dashboard room to keep seven adults convenient for a long journey a Grand Renault Espace is needed for that.

The Renault Espace is provided in two versions: Team and Dynamique. Even the entry-level Team comes with a lot of of traditional equipment, such as electric windows all round, a decent Cd/tuner, climate control, plus mirrors which are heated and electrically adjustable. There's also a trip computer and electric parking brake. Splash out on a Dynamique Renault Espace instead and there are 17-inch alloy wheels, dual-zone conditioning, cruise control, back parking sensors, sat-nav and privacy glass.

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