Renault Wind dimensions

Latest model: Renault Wind (2011)
Length: 150.7 (in) = 3828 (mm)
Width: 66.9 (in) = 1698 (mm)
Height: 55.7 (in) = 1415 (mm)

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Renault Wind details:

Renault Wind's length of 3. 83 meters sees the newcomer jack between Twingo (360, m) and Clio (403, m), and marks the addition to the Renault range of a new, compact, coupé-roadster concept that is ideally suited to everyday motoring.

Renault sees no reason why the freedom associated with wind-in-thehair motoring should be the exclusive reserve of the higher-end segments. On the contrary, there is an unmet demand in Europe for a small convertible that can serve as an everyday vehicle, either for the driver alone or for a couple without children. Such buyers are quite young (or young at heart!), attracted by the sporty cues of coupés and roadsters and looking for eye-catching looks, as well as a model that is sufficiently practical to serve as an everyday vehicle.

To meet this demand, it was necessary to produce a coupé-roadster with a original, striking layout and sporty looks, but without making any concessions with regard to the features that are seen to go hand-inhand with the sense of true freedom:a clever, reliable, simple roof-opening mechanism that provides genuine wind-in-the-hair thrillsan, exceptionally practical vehicle, with consistent boot room whether the top is up or downcompact, dimensions and nimble handling ideally suited to driving in and around townfun, punchy dynamics combined with low fuel consumptiona, low-set driving position and a sporty design for the controlsan, impressive equipment and specification suite for its price tag.

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