Rolls-Royce Ghost dimensions

Latest model: Rolls-Royce Ghost Sedan (2011)
Length: 212.6 (in) = 5399 (mm)
Width: 76.7 (in) = 1948 (mm)
Height: 61 (in) = 1550 (mm)

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Rolls-Royce Ghost details:

Those looking for an automobile with the presence and luxury of a Rolls-Royce Phantom but with a more manageable size and acquisition cost should be pleased with the 2011 Rolls-Royce Ghost. Rolls-Royce Ghost Sedan offers the following pros: Swift acceleration; silent and luxuriously convenient cabin; highly customizable; the exclusivity only a Rolls-Royce can offer. Rolls-Royce Ghost Sedan drawbacks are: Prohibitive cost; merely adequate cargo room.

The 2011 Rolls-Royce Ghost is a 4-door, five-seat sedan available in a single trim level. Traditional option highlights include 19-inch wheels, an active air suspension, a sunroof, front and back parking sensors, keyless ignition/entry, auto-dimming mirrors, automatic wipers, automatic xenon headlights, adaptive cruise control, power-closing back "coach" doors, leather upholstery and trim, a pair of umbrellas stored within the front doors, heated front and back seatings, 10-way performance and massaging front seatings, four-zone automatic conditioning, Bluetooth, a navigator and a 16-speaker audio system with a CD/DVD player, radio, digital audio cargo, an optional stereo slot and an Ipod/usb stereo interface.

Features are seemingly limited by the buyer's imagination and finances, as one may select such items as drop-down veneer picnic tables, twin back DVD monitors (with a six-disc changer) and multi-adjustment outboard back seatings with further auxillary massaging and/or ventilation. You can also get a cooler between the seatings. The Driver's Assistance Systems suite adds lane-departure warning, automatic high beams, a head-up screen and a night-vision camera. Although a dozen look colours, along with a choice of eight leather and five wood trims, will be provided as traditional fare, those seeking more exclusivity will be able to customize their Rolls-Royce Ghost any way they see fit via the company's "bespoke Commission" program. .

Rolls-Royce Ghost coloring