Saturn Astra dimensions

Latest model: Saturn Astra Hatchback (2008)
Length: 170.5 (in) = 4331 (mm)
Width: 69 (in) = 1753 (mm)
Height: 57.4 (in) = 1458 (mm)

Compare Saturn Astra dimensions to: Opel Astra, Mazda 3, honda fit, Toyota Matrix

Saturn Astra details:

It's the best small Saturn in years, but the 2008 Saturn Astra doesn't set any new benchmarks for the small sedan or hatchback segment. Saturn Astra Hatchback offers the following pros: Upscale dashboard layout, two-door model's sharp look look-and-feel, sporty handling. Saturn Astra Hatchback drawbacks are: No sedan version available, missing some increasingly common upscale comfort features.
Saturn Astra coloring