Seat Ibiza FR dimensions

Latest model: Seat Ibiza FR (2010)
Length: 160.9 (in) = 4088 (mm)
Width: 66.7 (in) = 1693 (mm)
Height: 56.7 (in) = 1441 (mm)

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Seat Ibiza FR details:

The Seat Ibiza FR introduces several novelties compared with the previous model, which all combine to offer a more intense driving experience. First of all, the brand's new vehicle is equipped with the efficient 150 hp twin charger 1. 4 TSI motor. due to its latest generation technology, this motor offers greater elasticity, brilliant performance and lower fuel consumption figures and emissions levels, and fully complies with EU-5 legislation on the subject.

The Seat Ibiza Fr's comprehensive motor is mated to a seven-speed DSG gearbox with helm shift paddles. As on the Seat Ibiza Cupra version, the gearbox has been designed with sportier software than on the 1. 6 model of the Ibiza range.

Furthermore, the addition of the XDS system offers greater driving convenience and security. This electronic system operates together with ESP and functions as a self-blocking mechanism. It enhances the car's performance when traction is lost by braking the wheel that loses grip.

Seat Ibiza FR coloring