Seat Mii dimensions

Latest model: Seat Mii (2013)
Length: 140 (in) = 3557 (mm)
Width: 75.2 (in) = 1910 (mm)
Height: 58.6 (in) = 1489 (mm)

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Seat Mii details:

Seat Mii city vehicle is the ideal car for today's urban lifestyle. Quite simply, the Seat Mii makes life easier - with compelling practicality, exceptional driving fun, high efficiency and high-tech technology.

The Seat Mii features Seat's sporty Mediterranean layout with the very best craftsmanship and enormous scope for personalisation. Moreover, the impressive value-for-money and low maintenance costs make the joy of driving a Seat Mii easily attainable.

Spain, Seat's home sphere, will begin sales of the Seat Mii before the end of 2011, with the rest of Europe following in Spring 2012.

Seat Mii coloring