Skoda Yeti dimensions

Latest model: Skoda Yeti MPV (2009)
Length: 166.3 (in) = 4223 (mm)
Width: 70.6 (in) = 1793 (mm)
Height: 66.6 (in) = 1691 (mm)

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Skoda Yeti details:

The Skoda Yeti looks like a bulked-up Roomster with its chunky bodywork, sculpted bonnet and 17-inch alloys. Skoda has marked out the Nissan Qashqai as its main competitor and the two couldn't exterior any more various. While the Qashqai is a smoother-looking model the Skoda Yeti, with its boxier layout, has a more conventional 4×4 exterior.

This is where the Skoda Yeti needs to excel for it to be a success and it doesn't disappoint. Skoda fits the Skoda Yeti with its 

Skoda Yeti coloring