Subaru Justy dimensions

Latest model: Subaru Justy (2007)
Length: 148.4 (in) = 3770 (mm)
Width: 63.2 (in) = 1605 (mm)
Height: 61.6 (in) = 1565 (mm)

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Subaru Justy details:

In 2007, Subaru has announced the revival of the model Subaru Justy (Just Subaru). The fourth generation is built on car Daihatsu Boon. The company acquired the Subaru Justy right to issue a Daihatsu as part of plans to be working with Toyota. Producing cars in factories owned by Daihatsu Motor Co, Ltd, it saves the cost of production of Subaru.

Subaru Justy - a modern and stylish car is not at all like their predecessors. But there, as well as in the previous representatives of the family, installed 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine produces 69 horsepower. Top speed is 160 km / h and acceleration to "hundreds" of takes 13.9 seconds. Justy meets the most stringent European environmental standards of fuel economy and CO2 emissions. Emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does not exceed 118 grams per kilometer.

Just Subaru - the smallest and cheapest car in the lineup Subaru. It is intended primarily for urban use. Justy car buyers, and offer front-wheel drive transmission.

Subaru Justy coloring