Subaru R1 dimensions

Latest model: Subaru R1 (2005)
Length: 129.3 (in) = 3284 (mm)
Width: 58.1 (in) = 1476 (mm)
Height: 59.4 (in) = 1509 (mm)

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Subaru R1 details:

The Subaru R1 was presented by the Japanese carmaker Subaru on January 4, 2005. It was developed to fit within the Japanese keicar tax bracket.

The Subaru R1 is a two-door version of the Subaru R2, but with a shorter body and wheelbase. The Subaru R1 is original in that it doesn't use up the maximum length allowed for by the keicar regulations - the last keicar to have done this was the 1989 Autozam Carol, the Suzuki Twin and the European smart.

The Subaru R1 was only available in one spec level up to end of 2005 with one motor. A DOHC 658 cc 16-valve AVCS motor is the middle child in the trio of engines for the R2. It is available with the three engines which are available for the R2: the I with a SOHC 34 Kw (roughly 46 horsepower) motor, the R with the above mentioned DOHC motor rated at 40 Kw (54 horsepower) and the S with a supercharged and intercooled motor rated at 47 Kw (63 horsepower). The Subaru R1 is being marketed as a personal vehicle and as a middle-aged couple's second car; a mix of leather and alcantara seats are available. All Subaru R1s are equipped with a CVT, and all versions are available with front wheel drive as well as all wheel drive.

Subaru R1 coloring