Subaru Traviq dimensions

Latest model: Subaru Traviq (2003)
Length: 169.9 (in) = 4315 (mm)
Width: 68.5 (in) = 1740 (mm)
Height: 64.2 (in) = 1630 (mm)

Compare Subaru Traviq dimensions to: Opel Zafira

Subaru Traviq details:

Subaru Traviq - this estate, completed by three rows of seats, was created by Subaru in partnership with General Motors. Is produced at GM, located in Thailand and imported to Japan. The basis for it is modeled on Opel Zafira. Suspension Subaru traviq, specially designed for Japanese roads, and 2.2-liter inline four-cylinder engine - the main differences from the Subaru Traviq Zafira. Traviq for power exceeds the Zafira, instrumenting a 1.8-liter engine.

In the design of the front end Subaru Traviq recognizable "face" of cars Subaru. The body of the car is equipped with 4 doors + rear "gate", and Salon - 7th seats arranged in three rows. The frame body consists of a Subaru traviq thick pipe that provides a sense of strength. The quality of finishing materials is highly - it is noticeable even during the landing.

The whole body is processed by a special method to prevent corrosion. As for the interior, it is convenient and comfortable, except for third-row seats. Passengers sitting on them, will not be easy to transfer long-term journey. In the Subaru Traviq felt German quality: it has excellent running characteristics and easy control.

Subaru Traviq coloring