Suzuki Swift dimensions

Latest model: Suzuki Swift hatchback (2010)
Length: 148 (in) = 3760 (mm)
Width: 66.5 (in) = 1690 (mm)
Height: 59.1 (in) = 1500 (mm)

Compare Suzuki Swift dimensions to: Skoda Fabia, Toyota Yaris, Opel Corsa, Nissan Tiida

Suzuki Swift details:

Put a photograph of the 2010 Suzuki Swift next to the vehicle it succeeds and you’ll wonder what makes it new. However, in real life it looks much fresher and stands up to comparison with its competitors. The big lights and curvy lines set it apart. The doors distinctively cut into the roof, which appears to have been influenced by the shape of the Mini’s. Bear in mind that the cheapest SZ2 versions don’t come with alloy wheels.

There’s a lot of of room in the Suzuki Swift, especially for tall people. The boot is quite small though at 211 litres. Compare that to the Fiesta’s 295 litres. Adding to the problem is that access to the room is quite restricted by the shape of the back of the vehicle. There is no reach adjustment for the helm on the SZ2 and SZ3 versions. Thankfully the driver’s bench has a lot of of adjustment and overall it’s quite convenient. Notably, there are loads of little cargo areas to put your bits and pieces.

In comparison to some manufacturers, Suzuki’s line-up seems a little barren. However, that makes it easy to select a version that suits you. There’s simply SZ2, SZ3, SZ4 and Sport. We’d urge you to go for at least an SZ3 version, as from here up air-con and alloy wheels are traditional. Saying that, all models get electric front windows, a audio with USB connectivity and a nice helm with controls for the audio on it. SZ4 models are then loaded with equipment including cruise control, automatic headlights, Bluetooth connectivity and even back privacy glass.

Suzuki Swift coloring