Tesla TAG Heuer dimensions

Latest model: Tesla Roadster TAG Heuer (2010)
Length: 155.4 (in) = 3947 (mm)
Width: 72.9 (in) = 1852 (mm)
Height: 44.4 (in) = 1128 (mm)

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Tesla TAG Heuer details:

With the 2010 Tesla Roadster Tesla TAG Heuer, on screen at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, pioneering luxury Swiss watchmaker Tesla TAG Heuer and electric carmaker Tesla Motors have teamed up in a worldwide partnership as the iconic Swiss make celebrates its 150th anniversary.

This one-of-a-kind collector's vehicle contains a original dashboard by Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen, incorporating Tesla TAG Heuer avant-garde layout components and a specially developed center control panel thanks to host Tesla TAG Heuer's cutting edge concept watch.

This vehicle also features a Tesla TAG Heuer Meridiist mobile phone as well as a one-fifth second Heuer Limited Edition Stopwatch. This Swiss-made timepiece with mechanical movement pays tribute to the 1860 founding of the company and evoques the mythic revival of the brand's vintage stopwatches.

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