Toyota GT 86 dimensions

Latest model: Toyota GT 86 (2013)
Length: 166.9 (in) = 4240 (mm)
Width: 101.2 (in) = 2570 (mm)
Height: 50.6 (in) = 1285 (mm)

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Toyota GT 86 details:

The anticipation is over: the new Toyota GT 86 sports vehicle makes its world debut at the 2011 Tokyo motor show. The compact 2+2 model, one of the most keenly awaited new vehicles of the coming year, will go on sale in the UK in June 2012.

The Toyota GT 86 has been conceived as an completely driver-focused machine, developed to deliver the core qualities of the classic sports vehicle experience. That means precise, instant response to the smallest throttle and steering inputs and the kind of performance that appeals to those for whom driving is a passion, not a necessity.

The Toyota GT 86 is built on a new platform, with a highly aerodynamic bodyshell stretched tight over the car's mechanical components. Rather than fitting a heavy, big capacity powertrain, Toyota has opted instead to go rear to its sporting roots, installing a compact, front-mounted, free-revving petrol motor that drives the back wheels.

Toyota GT 86 coloring