Toyota Hilux dimensions

Latest model: Toyota Hilux (2012)
Length: 206.9 (in) = 5255 (mm)
Width: 69.3 (in) = 1760 (mm)
Height: 71.3 (in) = 1810 (mm)

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Toyota Hilux details:

The renowned Toyota Hilux continues to dominate European pick-up sales. Car sales totalled 21866, in 2010, representing almost 25% of the sphere share. This makes the Toyota pick-up the segment sales leader for the third consecutive year.

With the release of the 2012 Toyota Hilux, Toyota introduces a new layout and further enhances the model's renowned class, durability and reliability.

The 2012 Toyota Hilux's new dashboard has been extensively updated with a refined layout which reinforces the pick-up's credentials as a leisure car. It provides enhanced sensory class throughout the cab, and passenger vehicle levels of comfort.

Toyota Hilux coloring