Volkswagen Fox dimensions

Latest model: Volkswagen Fox hatchback (2006)
Length: 150.7 (in) = 3828 (mm)
Width: 65.4 (in) = 1660 (mm)
Height: 60.8 (in) = 1544 (mm)

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Volkswagen Fox details:

Despite our test car's bright yellow paint, this 3. 83 metre-long 3-door hathcback doesn't stand out from its closest rivals; but looks like a neat, nippy city vehicle. Nonetheless, think of it as the Polo's younger cousin, but without the presence it has far less character than the Lupo it changes. The dashboard is a various Matterā¦.

The lack of a central back bench offers room for a small cargo space and a couple of cup holders. A worthy trade-off if you're a couple of drink-carrying passengers, but not if you're trying to fit a family inside. Overall there's a lot of of room, and the boot is generous for a vehicle of this size.

CD player, electric windows and ABS as traditional make this model a cut above its Non-urban counterpart. additionally the Volkswagen Fox boasts remote central-locking, speed-sensitive power-steering and a lot of of cup holders.

Volkswagen Fox coloring