Volkswagen Multivan dimensions

Latest model: Volkswagen Multivan (2012)
Length: 192.6 (in) = 4892 (mm)
Width: 75 (in) = 1904 (mm)
Height: 77.6 (in) = 1970 (mm)

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Volkswagen Multivan details:

Volkswagen Multivan - representative of the full-size vans, which is known for his versatility. It combines the comfort of a limousine, van and truck capacity of the quality of the van.

A look that would feel sympathy for the Multivan, because it all done to make the first impression was strong. Modern aggressive front end with a perfectly contoured headlamps strongly highlights the already considerable estate of the total flow. Outside mirrors and grille placed emphasis on the front of the body, while the elegant taillights give the completeness of the external appearance.

The interior design continues the theme of the external aluminum decorative items, fabric inserts in the door trim and ceiling, and the instrument panel «High» with 4 round scales.

Multivan has a uniquely transformable interior with a system of rails in the floor, so you can quickly adapt the interior according to your wishes. Included in the standard equipment of the local 3-seat sofa-bed can be expanded in place. Individual swivel seats have adjustable backrest and armrests.

Volkswagen Multivan coloring